So your a company who is hoping to get TechCrunched. Let’s take Voodoo Ventures for instance. You develop a great product called SiteMighty which helps users create great looking affiliate sites. Guess what you dont get TechCrunched.

Oh no. Now all that hard time and work is down the drain. You can try resending that email to Mike Arrington at TechCrunch. Most likely unless its a hell of a lot better than the 9 other emails you sent him your most likely not going to get a review on TechCrunch.

All hope is not gone. Here’s why. There are plenty of other bloggers out their who are willing and able to review your new product. And guess what. They actually want to. And what’s even better is their audience is in your field that needs your product.

Take for example Voodoo Ventures the folks who developed Site Mighty. If I’m the guys who are in charge here and I’m waiting on Mike Arrington to review their product I’m going to sweat it out. Because he only reviews well lets say about 7% of all Web 2.0 projects that make it to his email.

Here’s what I do. I reach out to influential bloggers in the related field of Affiliate Marketing, and folks who might be interested in Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s the circle of influence I’ve mapped out.

Influential Matches:
Jim Kukral, Revenews
Eric Matson
Gobala Krishnan
Shawn Collins
Joseph Jaffe
Wendy Piersall, EMoms at Home
Andrew Wee

Other possible matches:
Darren Rowse, ProBlogger
Matt Craven, BlogHerald
Chris Pearson, Tubetorial

Pitching your web 2.0 product to these influential bloggers is actually smarter because its highly targetted. Their audiences will drive highly targetted traffic to your new product, and users that will actually use your product. To me that’s WAY more important.

Sometimes the review by some of these sites may actually compel Mike Arrington to write a review as well. And it works for multiple niches and lots of other products as well.

So if you don’t get TechCrunched don’t worry. There’s hope. Their are other bloggers and people in your niche that are more targetted and more relevant that can help launch your hot new product. And we’ve got the list.

For A Free Evaluation of Your Product and It’s Blogger Matches Feel Free To Contact Us Using our Contact Form. We will provide high quality relative contact information for the bloggers, and provide you with a roadmap on how to contact these bloggers in a way that will help you make it past the delete button.

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