Last year I wrote a killer tutorial that I didn’t share with too many people entitled How To Become An A List Blogger. I’ve decided to rewrite and reorganize my article and share it with the world.

1) Pick your genre carefully
I would recommend a smaller niche genre. A mini-niche is best to be honest. Write about things your passionate about. Things you truly love. Keep it somewhat focussed. A stream of thought is better than an idle pond.

2) Pick a great rock star domain name

I’m pretty damn good at selecting domain names. If you want I can help you find one that works for you. I’d do this for free. Literally just hit me up.

3) Use WordPress, its the guitar of choice.
WordPress just works. Why bother testing out any of the other blogging platforms when all the girls love this one?

4) Utilize a Solid SEO Optimized Site Framework
Design is important. Utilize a solid SEO Optimized Site Framework and The Google will love ya for it. Promise. Money Back Guarantee Baby! Need I Say More?

5) Create great content consistenly without pinging.

I recommend about 10-15 in depth articles with your pinger off to begin with.
I think its important to give your readers something to nibble on and stay busy with. Think of these articles like magazines in the doctors office. It’s just fodder while they meander around waiting to talk to you.

6) Next create about 10 days worth of solid material.
Next give your readers some high quality content. Make it your best works. Every post is your best. That’s the kind of energy you need to put into it at first. Otherwise you will just become an also ran.

7) Start promoting your blog via Digg and Reddit.
Simply put the best time of day to do this is between 8am-11am. Don’t be discouraged if the metacrowd is overly critical. Keep pushing good relevant content their way and you will win over a respectable readership. I suggest pushing out your high powered articles to the Digg Community, and your casual post to the Reddit Community. This methodology has worked really well for me.

Dont be afraid to trackback other blogging rockstars.
Be involved in the conversation.Next be trackback happy. Ping everyone. Buy a beer for everyone. It keeps us all jolly and wanting to come back to see what’s going on. Be aggressive the first few months. It will pay off trust me. If you need any more help let me know. I’m always available.

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