Your name matches that of someone else, or raises a red flag as you are traveling. Suddenly you are brisked away into an American facility where you won’t see light of day for the next 3 years. You are tortured, you are lied to. You have no right to trial. All for nothing. You survive to tell the story. But for 3 years you are tortured at the hands of the Syrians all the while the US is giving tacit approval because they believe you are a member of Al Qaeda. The data given the US by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was most likely false. Day in and Day out you are tortured until you confess to links to Al Qaeda.

This is the story of Maher Arar. This could be the story of you or me. This could be the story of countless others who are handed over to the United States. Welcome to the reason why the War on Terror isn’t working.

Maher Arar recently won an International Human Rights Award and IS THE REASON we must stop fighting the war on terror. Because the war is a lie. Because the War serves no end but corporate interests here and abroad. Until we know without a doubt that 9/11 was caused by Al-Qaeda, and an operative operating within the United States we have no right to fight this fake war. We have no right to ship people off without trial to Syria to be tortured. We have no right to be involved with torture whether knowingly or unknowingly through 3rd parties. And we have to question the power and authority we’ve given away, or Congress has given away in the last 6 years since 9/11.

Once the lives of the innocent are compromised on war, we have to wonder whether it could be you who is the next innocent who is compromised for the sake of my 2 dollar gallon of gasoline.

For more information visit Maher Arar’s website.
Reference: NY Times Article

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