Ok, seriously the title sums up the new gameshow from ABC. First off, Who is William Shatner? Couldn’t they find a host that actually knows a thing or to or is slightly entertaining.

It’s sad that all we have on network TV anymore is people killing over sex and money (Crime Shows) and gameshows where people compete over sex and money (Gameshows).

Here’s the thing about Show Me The Money, conceptually its good. It’s not as good as Deal or No Deal.

But idealy ABC could have come up with a decent idea that didn’t involve an old man surrounded by gorgeous women handing out prize money I mean doesn’t that sound like they are reliving the glory days of The Price is Right ?

Now to think of it, isn’t it ironic that William Shatner will probably be remember by a whole generation of youngsters as that guy who was a gameshow host and not a Trekster?

The secret story behind Show Me The Money is this. It’s like going to Tijuana and getting drunk. You may end up at the end of the night going home and waking up with a slight hangover (Winning Money), you may end being kidnapped ( going home empty handed ), or you may end up choosing the wrong girl and up with a venereal disease (losing lots of money after winning it), or you may end up dead (winning money and evading taxes).

It’s simple this show plays to the heart and soul of American Culture. Sex, Money, and Gambling. Shit sounds like the fabric of our society has shifted tragically since I was a kid. But who am I kidding did I actually think people would be entertained night in and night out watching shows like Dateline, and Murder She Wrote?

Good luck America, I hope you walk out with the right girl and don’t get saddled witha venereal disease or worse end up dead.

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