Oaxaca and Beyond
You might think that the War in Mexico is about the freedom of teachers rights to a fair labor aggreement. But this war is far bigger than that. This is a war about oil. Much like many of our wars that are being fought are about. You might think the conflict is about stolen elections in Mexico and you would largely be right. The election was stolen. You might wonder why the election was stolen, and why the fighting is going on in Mexico. And the reasons are simple. It’s about oil and energy resource dominance for the world powers. The powers known as Halliburton, Bechtel, and BP.

In 1938 Mexico privatized its oil production and distribution. Since 1938 the World Powers also known as multinational energy corporations have moved in to influence elections, influence policies, and trample freedom and democracy in one of the world’s greatest tropical regions.

In 2007 A Civil War seems all the more likely in Mexico. In fact Marcos, the commandante of EZLN just about goes as far as promising it. The Mexican people believe their election was stolen by the US,and multinationals and they are probably right.

For the last ten years as immigration has become a huge issue, the cause of immigration has largely been ignored. Immigration is a result of poverty throughout Mexico, corruption at the highest levels of government down to the lowest levels of government.

Money from mexican immigrants in the US is largely shuffled into Mexico supplying the livelihood and population. Without it major problems would arise. A US recession would cause a large situation in Mexico causing more border crossings, and more immigration issues here at home.

Oil is the single largest source of income for the Mexican Government. The second being money from the US finding its way into the hands of the government via taxes and bribes. The US Multinationals are putting more efforts into influencing and enslaving the Mexican government creating a virtual prison wall around the entire nation. We as a nation are holding Mexico hostage until all the oil is drained from the land.

The privatization of Pemex is all but certain under the new President, Felipe Calderon. And what that means to Mexico is more oppresion and more blood to be spilt. Mostly in Southern Mexico in the oil and natural gas rich region of Chiapas.

Here’s a great article debating this topic in more detail.

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