If the United States was the birthplace of democracy we have a responsibility to save democracy from corruption for future generations. We have a responsibility to hold accountable the nearly 1 million lives shed illegally in Iraq since 2000. We have a responsibility to the American Soldiers, to the American Taxpayers, and to the World.

It’s a responsibility that is greater than any that has ever been until this time in our nation. It’s about saving our democracy, saving our reputation, and preserving the strength of all that we hold dear in the United States. It’s about learning to live without fear. It’s about trusting our neighbor because its the right thing to do. It’s about ignoring the lies that have been told to us.

It’s about realizing that terorrism is a much greater tool of this administration than that of any Muslim Extremist. The terror of knowing that our freedoms and civil liberties are melting away before our eyes.

We have a responsibility to hold accountable those who are elected our authorities. I say if those who are enpowered to represent do not procede in a logical step to save not only our democracy but the future of democracy then democracy has no place. To the new democrats and the republicans you are being given power because the people empowered you. Do what is right and lead our nation in a direction that will make American’s proud. Tear down the walls of fear, and the walls of partisanship. Break loose the knoose of terror that is held over our heads. We all know the lies and the lies bleed in agony.

If a democratically elected congress does not push for impeachment, then the people should push for impeachment of a congress that is corrupt.

From Daily Kos

If we are to impeach, we must impeach both Bush and Cheney. It will not do any good for us to impeach Bush and have Cheney take the Oval Office and pick someone just as radical as he is. It will also not do any good for us to impeach just Cheney and allow Bush to groom John “I’m not knowledgeable” McCain for the 2008 election. Therefore, we must simultaneously impeach both of them so that the 3rd person in succession, Nancy Pelosi, would become the next President of the United States.

via Daily Kos

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