The Year was 1980 and somewhere in Utah a young boy was born, a native American boy who would later be adopted into a very Americanized culture. He was Native American, and he was American. Is there a difference? Yes. Two different nations. Two different worlds. Two different persecutors, two different fields of blood. One has ended the other remains. We are still hunted. We are the enemy. Never in history has a race of people been so eradicated from their continent as ours. This is our story through your eyes.

There are few episodes in human history as sad or as shameless as the calculated mass murder, displacement, and plunder that was perpetuated against the indigenous population of North America. Although not as extensive in terms of total numbers killed as in South America, for sheer sneakiness, underhandedness and bold-faced hypocrisy, there are few eras that could rival it.

It was, in fact, among the British colonizers of the North American hemisphere that the first documented instance of biological warfare occurred. Sir Jeffrey Amherst, (commander in chief of the British forces) and the correspondence sent between him and a junior officer indicate that a fiendish plan was hatched to intentionally infect the native population with small pox virus. This was facilitated through the procurement of infected blankets and handkerchiefs from army hospitals and the distribution of them to the natives in what was ostensibly a humanitarian gesture. On June 24, captain Ecuyer, of the Royal American British Army recorded in his journal: “…We gave them two blankets and a handkerchief out of the smallpox hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect.”

To better ensure that it did have the desired result, the natives were then directed to return to their villages so that they would (predictably) be in the ideal position to infect other members of their tribes and nations and the small pox (one of the most dangerous and painful sicknesses imaginable) would spread like wild fire.

Newspapers and eyewitness accounts verify that it did, making one question how much of the spread of “white mans diseases” among the so-called Indians were really just accidental.

Starvation was another tactic utilized by the colonizers. In many reservations and internment camps, the natives were simply isolated on desolate lands and had food and clothing withheld from, or sold away to the highest bidder by unscrupulous Indian agents or camp commanders. Moreover, the purposeful and wasteful killing of the buffalo decimated the plains Indians by eradicating their major food supply. Another method was to place bounties on the heads of natives, regardless if the possessor was man, woman, or child. The Hollywood depiction of United States calvary soldiers protecting themselves or peaceful white settlers from the savage onslaught of hostile Indians are simply not true. More often than not, it was US army units who were the marauders and they would routinely attack the sleeping native encampments during the pre-dawn hours, slaughtering everyone within.(A favorite practice to dispose of Native American infants was to grab them by their ankles and to bash ! their brains out against the trunks of trees).

Another genocidal technique was to force march the Indians (already weak from starvation and hypothermia) for hundreds of miles to a far off “reservation.” Typically, as in the case of the Cheyenne nation, half of them died along the way.

Most historians concur that there were between 12 and 50 million Native Americans on the North American when the first European explorers and settlers arrived. Four centuries later, the Native population had been reduced to approximately 200,000.

Source:Media Monitors

Many people to this day criticize the Native Americans, they remain an unarmed indigenous people being constantly crowded out forced to end centuries of culture. They face an end to their religion, an end to their health practices, and an end to the respect of their land.

As we speak mining companies today continue to rape and pillage lands all across OUR NATION, to drill for Uranium for Nuclear purposes to continue the war on all peoples indigenous for the sake of Americanism. It’s a shame really. The blood that has spilt on this country is vile and we continue to wage these wars under the guise of corporations on other indigenous peoples in Central and South America.

When will it end?

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