Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering after I read the amazing book entitled Ishmael. I’ve spent a lot of time amongst intential communities whether Amish or Native American. The more I ponder the concept of tribalism the more it makes sense.

Much of my life has been about searching. Whether in religion, or community life. Seemingly I found myself having some major issues pondering in Mexico. Mostly revolving around these ideas that are so clear in the book.

Neotribalists seem to have some answers. Atleast the ones that make sense to me.

What is a new tribalist?

They propose a New Tribal Revolution outlined in the Ishmael series by Daniel Quinn. New tribalists believe that the tribe fulfills an important role in human life, and that the dissolution of tribalism with the spread of civilization has come to threaten the very survival of the species. New tribalists seek to mimic indigenous peoples by organizing their own “tribes” based on underlying principles gleaned from ethnology and anthropological fieldwork.

Quinn argues that civilization is not working, and if we are to find a way of life that does work, we should draw our basic principles from human societies that are working. Quinn points to indigenous peoples and tribal societies as such examples, and advocates a social revolution–the New Tribal Revolution–to reform society using principles gleaned from the operation of such cultures.

Fuck, I dont think society is working. I know it aint working for me. I prefer minimalism to consumerism. I prefer working less and sharing more. I prefer interacting with likeminded people as much as I can. But where do we start?

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