Five Things About ME

I was tagged by Brian. So here it goes. A bit of soul bearing.

david krugI once was a gifted poet who was published in numerous publications. Poetry has always been the root of all my life. Living poetically means being able to express yourself without words in a way that inspires and gives hope. Because of this I’m a true poet.

I was once homeless, and slept under an overpass in the middle of winter. Ever since I’ve had a lot of compassion towards the homeless and those less fortunate and have a clear understanding that many homeless people just dont fit in with society. Not neccesarily an indication that something is wrong with these people but maybe their is something wrong with society.

Twice I finished second in the Colorado State Soccer Championships. It was my passion as a kid even later in life. Quitting soccer broke my heart.

The fear of learning on someone else’s terms has always stopped me from attending college.

I once lived in a Monastery and considered becoming a monk. I love Street Fighter T-Shirts

I’m supposed to tag five people here you go Muhammad, Ben, Thord, Martin, Franky.

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