waterfallsIn life there are moments in which we must without a doubt in my mind seize our dreams. I know in my life I’ve had to set goals in my life and reach for the bar to attain them.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in dealing with people. Plenty of mistakes with family. Plenty of bad decisions. Plenty of wrong turns. Our lives are not defined by the greatness we achieve, or the failure that we stumble upon. Our lives are defined by the moments of determination in which we achieve, and in the moments in which we fail. It’s in both moments that we find deeper parts of ourself.

There are moments of regret. Moments of extreme pain. Moments of extreme happiness. It’s finding people that continue to believe in us that we find ourselves, and we can renew hope in believing in ourselves.

In my life I’ve had defining moments. Moments that the world and my environment molded me more than I was able to acknowledge at the time.

Living amongst the Amish has largely shaped who I am. As far as work ethic, simplicity, and the desire to overcome all odds to be the person I desire.

I’m not there yet. I have a lot of growing and learning to do. But I’m getting there. I feel I’m headed in the right direction. I’m color blind to the things that make my heart bleed. Yet the things that haven’t killed me have made me stronger.

Friends have largely tempered my growth as a human, and giving back to the greater community is just who I am now. Taking a few days off to reboot and refresh and start work on atleast one new project and hopefully another.

One thing I’m enjoying is finding a way to just find peace in whatever happens and whatever comes. Thanks for being apart of the ride.

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