The Life of a Nomad

It’s a bit of an interesting time with lots of decisions ahead. 2006 was about learning my place in the blogosphere and the tech community. Yes, I’m a blog salesman. Primarily a buyers agent, a flipper, and a guy who manages properties. That’s me. I’m not shy. I also advise new blog networks on occassion. I help folks scale advertising. On another note: I have enemies, some maybe more passionate than others. I think this is a sign of success on some level. You can’t please em all. Really. Others’ that show up only in good times, others in bad times. One thing I try is to always be able to admit I make mistakes and keep going for the better. If 2006 was about personal learning, 2007 will be about patience in blazing a trail for others to have success in blogging for years to come. Blogging isn’t going anywhere folks. It’s a method of communication that will be here for a long time barring any nuclear holocaust or global freeze over. Both of which are highly likely as well.

I’ve been overly pleased with 901am. It’s been really a dream to run this project so far. So many great contributors with so many talents.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a nomad. So here I am packing my bags with no real destination in mind. I have a few places I need to go: Montana,Utah, Colorado. I have some conferences to attend. Possibly one to organize.. At the end of every day I realize something really amazing. The blogosphere is my home. The people I interact with. That’s home. Because at the end of every day that’s where my heart still is. And as long as I have passion, and energy to devote to it it will be home. And I will strive to make it a better place. A more fair place. A place where all have opportunities to succeed.

When I left Mexico I wasn’t sure I would have passion for it anymore. I thought long and hard for many days to hang it all up. And find other things to do. But in the end I don’t regret it at all for an instance. More than anything this blog in its own quiet way has become empty and bare but I love it. Because I can be myself more than ever. And Blogging and Sharing and Storytelling is who I am. And I want to help anyone who wants to share their stories too. And if they want to make money doing it great. If they want to learn let’s go.

The bags are nearly packed. They eyes are on the horizon. A trip is coming. Very soon. The destination is unclear. I’m buying my Dr. Seuss T-Shirts and packing my things. You will be there with me. In my heart and in my feedreader. Thanks for the journey. Both mine and yours…

Until next time.

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