From a diary entry dated: March 1st,2007

I sat anxiously on the train. The travel was amazing. I met a lot of great people on that train. One person I still talk to now and then. I got drunk in Chicago outside in the snow on a construction job talking to Mary Jane about my sister and my family. She was a young runaway from Oregon and me I was running to you…

It never seemed to work out. Clash of characters clash of minds clash of God knows what. I had no idea what to expect. We’d never met in the real world before and here we were supposed to somehow expect that somehow we’d cope for a few days. I was brave enough, maybe foolish enough to travel half way across the country in hopes of a new universe. The universe that would somehow allow me to think sanely again. And while for a New York minute I cared deeply about you. All was soon quickly vanquished in confusion.

Somehow we got lost in the hustle and bustle and life sidetracked all of us in a myriad of dreams. The snow kept falling and even though we walked in Central Park nearly hand in hand at times you and I were farther apart than we were a few weeks earlier.

The snow fell and fell and when it melted away so did we. We said our goodbyes and that was all. I’ve seen you a few times. I’ve seen the snow melt a few times too since then. That night drinking margaritas was nice and it was the last memory I have of New York now. The hustle and the bustle all seem so far far away.

Many people get swallowed up and consumed in that great city. But you never do. And neither did I. But I sit here tonight remembering that great city. The city of dreams. The city where men have died and many have tried to make it. A city I will never forget. A place I love and I don’t know why.

Here’s looking up New York. May God grant you peace.

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