Tonight I shot and killed the skunk that has been plaguing us. I assumed the problem was a simple one. You shoot the skunk and that’s the end of it. Little did I know I must live in the middle of the most skunk populated zone in Montana.

I took one shot and wounded the guy he didn’t spray. He crawled away and within a minute or two was back. He wasn’t startled by my appearance wasn’t afraid in the least. He crawled into the trash bag I had placed out just moments before.

He crawled into the bag. I shot him square in the… I haven’t moved him yet I have no idea where I shot him. Then a few moments later another skunk appeared in the backyard.  I didn’t need two dead skunks to clean up so I let this one eat and run off like the wind. What in the world am I to do with all these nutty skunks living around me?

Yes, normally I am pro life in this case I believe the skunk was rabies invested and just way to brazen. Another sign of possible rabies.  Also I do have small animals around and well if its the skunk or the kittens I will take the kittens.

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  1. Yeah, that is weird how many skunks you’re encountering. I’m sorry you had to go through the killing–that must have been so hard for you. It’s never easy to kill, even if you have to. Try to put it out of your mind and know that you did the logical thing. I hope you’re at peace from the skunks now.

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