To Sam with love.

I’m all alone. A world apart. You and I. I sit behind these bars. The ones I’ve built for myself. I’m lost in a world I don’t understand. My heart is cold. I’ve cheated on you time and time and time again and yet you still love me all over again.

The world fades around me. The waves crash against the walls and yet the walls are not moved. The years continue marching on. I see the grey in my hair. The tears never fall any more. I’m not sure where they go or if I have any left.

I’ve created this genocide of my own heart. It’s dying more and more every day. Mostly because of I’m afraid to leave this prison of mine. Maybe someday when the sun begins to set on Moose Hill you and I will dance again on the streets of Briarwood. But until then I will continue to die and you will continue to search for the meaning of it all — when deep down inside I know that the only thing we both need is each other and a cat named Molly.

Until then. The genocide continues.

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