I wasn’t supposed to be there I guess. I’m not really sure what happened. It was probably my total collapse in 2000 who knows. I give up. You are hard to please and I guess that’s fair. In the end all I wish for you is the best. The very best in life. I looked up to you with everything I had and all that I have I give to you.

May life grant you peace and life bless you with the eternal happiness that you so deserve. I will always be here as long as there is life. Waiting hoping someday that you answer my emails, and I know that God hears my prayer. I grant you grace and peace and hope and love and all the best in life. Dance with the wind. Go with grace. Carry on and know that if you ever need a brother I am here waiting. I will never hold a hard feeling because I love you. Sorry for the hard feelings. May you forgive me for all wrongs that have been done in the past and the future. Congrats on the wedding. I hope you and Matt have a happy life.

Grace and Peace,
Your little brother

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