To Sam with love,

3 Years ago. I stood on a road. No one was around. I drank it all. I swallowed them all. I kept walking. And instead of dying I was given new life. The Road Was Never Paved. I’ve lost a lot. You never call anymore. You never write. Yet here I am. A new life. New Dreams. And the bottle is on the shelf as a token of a day not so long ago. A day that haunts me almost as much as you do. I’ve often wondered where you went or if you are ok. Just once I’d wish you’d pick up the phone. But until we both cross the divide that holds us back from the ethereal I wish you the best.

All my love,

4 thoughts on “

  1. lihi

    i’ve known you for years. why are you so unhappy? you have everything you need.
    you have good friends. a job. your health (most of the time). and your soulmate. you have more then most people. the only thing stopping you from true happiness is fear.

  2. Lihi,
    Here’s the deal. I’m totally not unhappy. This is some vibrant expression. I’m merely reflecting on some dark moments in the past and creating living poetry like a painting from it.

    Hah, I thought this was a pretty awesome bit of expression definetly not in my normal expression.


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