Dear Sam,

I waited up again last night to no avail. I decided to head down to the river. I often think I hear your voice down along the river late at night while I’m casting. The wind was picking up and it’s almost seems like just the other day when your hair would blow in the wind and we would sit in the big swing just outside the cabin. I walked home after casting for a few hours. And the eagles soared above with grace. I sometimes wonder if they aren’t my guardian angels. When I arrived at home I wished for you to call again but alas I waited in vain. The Moon began to rise and the dew began to set and the day had ended much like our day ended all those years ago. And even though I know this is true I hold out hope, wishing and dreaming that you again will be here in my arms along the banks of the Clark Fork River.

Sincerely and Forever,

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