Mostly I post about personal stuff on this blog. Including poetry, art, discussion, whatever. But tonight I want to talk about my vision. I want to create The Perfect Company. I have a few models in mind of companies that I really look at and am like Wow!

1. Craigslist
2. Facebook
3. Plenty of Fish

Now in looking at these companies I see some things I really like.
Craigslist, is a small company run from a victorian house in California. It has no meetings, no real structure as far as ‘corporate’ goes and is a kick ass company.

Facebook, is a leading social networking platform that to me embodies what Craigslist is lacking. Social Features and simplicity in design topped off with the ability for outsiders to interact. Facebook in my opinion is largely the new Craiglist in simplicity of models.

Plenty of Fish, just rocks. I don’t have much to say about a company that 5-6 million on a free business model. What’s not to like about that. He’s got user generated content and adsense. Umm. Yeah perfect model.

So — I’m attempting to craft concepts and ideas that will be successful with the assets I already have. Basically bringing offline assets and ideas online. Whether that’s business ideas through relationships or whatever the case might be.

After spending the last few years involved in Blogging and Blog Networks you know what I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the high mntc relationships that wear a guy out. No offense seriously. But I’m ready for a new/different challenge. I believe in local more so now than I did a few years ago. Much of my shift in belief is because of Google’s shift to Universal Search.

I see a huge market opportunity but I realize the a) cost b) risk c) reward

I truly believe in The Perfect Company, not perfect for everyone but the perfect company for me. One that I can be happy developing and happy managing. I normally hate managing. I love starting companies. I hate long term commitment. However I love this concept I’m working on. I love everything about it. The diversity, the stablity and the long term economic viability.

I look at these companies and one thing they all do, with the exception of Facebook. I think teams should be smaller. Control should be delegated and relationships should be at the center of operations. The same things that make blogging successful will also make a successful high end hybrid/ecommerce operation.

Hours of operation should be optional. Telecommuting should be encouraged but a central location is ok too. As long as its FREE.

So do I envision myself as CEO? Hell no. My true calling I believe is CVRO – Chief Visionary & Relationship Officer. I envision myself as the guy who makes sure the health of the company remains stable and thriving based on client relations and sits around being the visionary leader of the company.

So if I can create my own company — can I create my own position within the company and still maintain a high level of success?

That’s my plan at the moment although I don’t know that it’s ever been done.

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  1. David, you can most definitely do this. The key is to do exactly what you’ve proposed here–create your company based on how YOU want things to be, and not on how others have done it before. You have a solid vision here, and you can do it if you stick with it.

    You may enjoy reading this book: “Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great Instead Of Big” by Bo Burlingham. This book is an inspiration to anyone who wants to create a gem of a company, one that isn’t mass produced or corporate, one that is successful because of its SOUL rather than its aggressive corporate growth.

    And for a visionary, it’s all about soul. Forget the grand budgets and the fame and stuff–what will bring a visionary like yourself satisfaction in the end is a company that is an expression of your heart and soul.

  2. David Krug

    Really the only way I can be happy going to work in the morning is knowing that its something I’ve built and grown.

    Thanks for the input Sharon. You are a hero. šŸ™‚

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