I’m not sure you remember this moment. Maybe you can. I was on the subway. Somehow I got lost. But somehow our connection was so deep you got off at the station and so did I. And there you were your placid blue eyes as cold as steel stood there looking at me. You were never far away. Always close enough to touch. I awoke from a dream last night and I saw those same eyes looking down at me. Just like that day in the subway but you were no where to be found. Not close enough to touch. Not close enough to feel. I’d give away all that I have and all I will ever be at this moment to be standing next to you once more. To look into your steely eyes, to touch your lips, to dance with your soul under moonlight. Just one more time would be enough. I’d be a homeless man for life to have that moment with you all over again… Just one more time.

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