A great place to fish if you are a Izaak Walton style fisherman is Placid Lake. Nestled in the gorgeous mountain region in Montana’s Swan Valley it really is a treat just driving to this Mountain Lake. Exiting Gold Creek we head farther east past a little town called Helmville.

Driving there on any given weekend you can travel this stretch of road and never pass or see another vehicle. This is the blessed joy of a remote place like Montana. Truly the last best place. Driving down into the park you feel you have entered a small paradise. They have a nice campground at the State Park but you better get their early or else all the spots will be quickly taken. Especially on the weekend. But no worries there are about 3 other lakes in and around the Seeley Lake area which is only about 3 miles away.

Shoving the boat into the water is easy although dock space is limited and is first come first serve. The wind can whip up pretty quick on the lake but once you get going its really enjoyable. I prefer to troll for trout along the Southeastern Shores looking into the classic Montana Dream Homes. Along the Northwestern Shore is a patch of lily pads that is rich in both Bass and Perch. The perch tend to bite best at Sunrise and Sundown. So spend the day trolling for trout and salmon and sneak back in to the lily pads at last light to catch a nice breakfast.

The State Park gates close at 10pm so either camp, or be prepared to exit around 9pm.

Placid Lake State Park is located 3 miles south of Seeley Lake on Montana 83, then 3 miles west on the county road.

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