First off pull your head out of the toilet paying attention is going to be essential here. If Mike Arrington can make 200k a month let me show you how to make 100k in 3 months. First thing is first. Go out and pick up an established website on Sitepoint. What I’m saying is a fairly good one. I’d prefer the tech niche if I was serious about making a go at it. There are a lot of “good solid investment blogs” that are normally available. You might be assuming if you’ve made it this far in the article that I’m full of it. But here’s the scoop. I’ve managed to do this do it again and again and again. No joke about the volume you can make. And while that’s my high end of things. I’ve seen other people do this as well.

I’ve put in a BIN on a blog recently so we will have to see if I get it. Then I can do a live and very public test to show how you can add value to an existing site, become an authority and blast past your competition.

The simple process is not so simple to some but simple enough to me.
1. Buy an existing site
2. Brand it well
3. Write Amazing Content
4. Sell Long Term Advertising Deals
5. Monetize well with affiliate marketing
6. Release A Free WordPress Theme
7. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

One of the things that is VERY IMPORTANT is becoming an authority. I can’t place enough value on that. You have to take a blog that is just in the middle of the pack and make it THE BLOG in that niche.

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  1. David Krug

    I was not the owner of Wisdump. And Wisdump would not be considered an authority site.

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