About Six Months ago I tried to avoid The Secret. I immediately blew it off as hype, bs, and a load of crap. After some poking and proding by Sharon Sarmiento(aka The World’s Greatest Virtual Assistant/ Internet Management Specialist) and Andy Wibbels of BlogWild Fame I decided to give it a read.

I was struggling to find inner motivation to keep pressing on amidst all the pressures of life, work, health issues, and some personal battles. I had retreated to the only place I can find solace when ‘craziness’ ensues. Montana, and Isolationism. And with no internet connection and laying in bed day in and day out I started devouring The Secret. I mean it’s not going to hurt me is it?

I’ve noticed an amazing shift in my attitude, my actions, and my willingness to not compromise on making my dreams a reality. In the past I’ve always allowed myself to compromise. Always giving myself 110 excuses and eventually sinking back into mediocrity. I’ve realized that the only greatness that we can achieve is the greatness that is already within our hearts and minds.

Every single day is a moment to achieve greatness. Every single day is a day that our dreams can be born. Every single moment is a moment we can be all we can be. Every single breath is worth breathing and an opportunity to make ourselves and the world around us a better place.

if you haven’t already read The Secret do yourself a huge favor and pick up a copy and devour it, consume it until it fills your heart and mind with enthusiasm. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Thank you, David 🙂

    When I first heard about the Secret Movie I was a little embarrassed to be so moved by it since almost everyone around me was snickering, but the way I think of it now is that I never want to become so jaded that I stop believing that the world is good, that I have a place in it, and that it’s within my own power to accomplish my goals.

    It’s comforting to remember that the Universe loves us, God loves us, and our Creator put us on this earth to succeed and be happy.

    Remember a few months ago I told you that if you ever started treating yourself better that you would be a vision to behold?

    Well, you’re doing it David, you’re really doing it 🙂 You totally deserve to be treated well and to accomplish everything you dream of.

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