First off, I realized recently that while I’m happy with work. I’m not really really happy with work. So I embark on major changes. The first happened today. Email. I’ve declared business email dead. I just don’t have time to micromanage it anymore. I give up. I have a business email account but I’m only going to check it once a day and no responses are EVER guaranteed. Streamlining email will create more time and I will get more work done. Thus making more people happy.

Next, sometime in the month ahead I’m streamlining most of my day to day tasks. No more mail. No more opening mail. I’m outsourcing all my mail.

Finally, I’m going to start isolating myself from work and spending more time NOT WORKING. Less Work should equal more motivation and more productivity. I am going to spend more time learning and less time thinking about the need to work. Time to absorb podcasts, travel more, and start a new career. Anyhow this is a warning to everyone who works with me.

And to the person who guesses my new career goal in the comments wins something fun.

PS. Here’s some great music to close the night out.

free music

4 thoughts on “

  1. lihi

    oh i know i know….
    your new goal…..
    let me think…..
    you wanna be a shepherd!!!
    did i win anything?

  2. lihi

    oh man i was so sure i got it right….
    well, photography is wonderful im so glad youre doing that.
    had a wonderful time in Egypt.
    good luck!!!

  3. JPM

    I got it…you’re finally going to shed the shackles of corporatism, dismantle the cubicle and set off on a journey of self-employment!

    About time!

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