As of today I officially resign from SplashPress Media.

1. The ownership and I could no longer see eye to eye on global strategy and interpersonal communications. I was deeply hurt as they were by conduct they deemed ‘spammy’. I disagreed on how they classified something as ‘spammy’. And was a bit outraged at the lack of communication. I was hurt on numerous occassions but realize I caused some of this hurt myself.

2. I categorically opposed placing speach and conduct issues on bloggers. I don’t feel as though I could support a company that placed restrictions on how a blogger handled speach. I had 4 comments moderated over the course of the last month because of the use of ‘swear words’ or disagreeing with writers at The Blog Herald. To me this was not acceptable and violated my free speach as I was not a company employee, but an independent contractor. Fire me yes. Don’t censor me. I attempted regardless of this to work through said issues. Overall we have ideological differences that are best left to not sort out.

3. My health has placed a great deal of stress and problems onto my plate in the last 6 months of which SplashPress was very supportive and I’m grateful for that. But my health and work load needed to be adjusted to continue to work at a pace that everyone was pleased with.

4. Overall I questioned my ability to work hard enough to make not only myself but others happy within Splashpress.

I’m personally thankful to Mark and crew at SplashPress and hope in the future we can still be in touch. I wish them only success.

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  1. Good for you David 🙂 . There is only a limited amount of time in our life spans, so it’s really important that we align ourselves with people who will enrich and add value to our lives.

    I don’t think there’s a bad guy in this situation. I just think that this particular work situation was not letting you use your strongest skills in a way that was fulfilling to you. You’re a very talented guy, and you’re on your way to finding a more effective channel for expressing your gifts. 🙂

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