I found out recently that a friend of a friend was murdered back in Colorado. I was trying to make sense of it all. But I just can’t wrap my head around murdering a helpless soul with Alzheimers. Some days I can’t make sense of humanity. I can’t hold on to the dreams that somehow slip from my fingers. I can’t make sense of the madness of emotions. I’ve walked away countless times from emotions, and places that haunted me. Something in this world just isn’t right.

Time for another dose of The Secret

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  1. How’s that (the Secret) working out for you?

    Don’t mean to be flip–I’m truly sorry for the loss–but I seriously want to know how the Secret is working out for someone apparently at least 1/2 way thoughtful of the complexities of life in this world.

    it is easy for me to accept the law of attraction (good and bad, health & sickness, pleasure & pain, all of it) in my own personal life, but it is much harder for me to accept it in situations like your friend.

    I sometimes think the Secret is just another manifestation of the same sickness that causes so many of us to keep on running…

    anyways, sorry you just touched a nerve with this.


  2. David, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your friend’s friend. That is terrible and upsetting, and I can completely understand that it makes you wonder “Why?”

    The only thing that I can say is that sometimes we are not meant to know the answers. We’ll probably never know why such terrible things happen, but I do know that in the midst of trauma and tragedy that we still have the ability to see things in this world that make us smile.

    It could be a beautiful rainbow you see on the way to a funeral, or a child laughing, or a dog or cat doing something funny, or a friend who just cracks you up at a time when you really needed to laugh.

    Sometimes the happiness is sweet and sometimes it is bitter sweet.

    I think The Secret goes perfectly with this idea. It really does help to watch it when we’re feeling sad or depressed. This is what I do too.

  3. How the world is today cannot make sense to people who can access their heart. David, in some of your posts you talk about coming from the heart, love and passion, and leaving behind the constant ‘what is in it for me’ focus. When you come from that place, you will not be able to make sense of the folly of today’s world. I don’t even try, just feel compassion without judgement.
    We are all living in a world where people predominantly think of scarcity and seperatedness. As long as we are coming from lack and ‘me’ , we will not be able to see the oneness, the interconnectedness of it all.
    However it will come, look at the success of ‘the secret’. But it takes a while to get your head around the new paradigm.
    I congratulate you on your willingness to share your perturbations and enquiry and your openess about coming from love.
    Humberto Maturana says; ” love is the only emotion that expands intelligence. ”
    You look very intelligent to me and may you be a light house to attract more sensible ways of being.

  4. Thanks folks. I think living from your heart is the only real way to get through stuff like this. No matter how much sense we try to make we wont be able to make any of the violence that surrounds us any more justifiable.

    Sometimes sharing is the only way to get through the day. Thanks for stopping by.

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