So every day I find myself filling in time by feeding my cat and entertaining her, well the cat actually owns me. I’m oddly attracted to this feline creature largely because she’s lived here before me and has owned a few folks. She struts around like she owns the place and actually I think its possible she does. This week its been super hot and smokey and I’ve felt sorry for the lad. So when I sit down to eat lunch I generally feed her. This routine has gone on for awhile. I feed her in the same spot and she doesn’t leave till its all gone. She has started watching me eat as well. I find it rather entertaining and it’s a change of pace in my day.

Tonight I was still awake for some reason and the cat could tell I was. I know this because of her call. It’s the same call I hear when it’s time to eat right when I’m feeding her. I was rather curious as to what she needed at this hour. She lounges around all day sitting on the front porch and I assumed at night she’d be out hunting like a good cat. But I decided to go check. I opened the front door and low and behond on the front porch She’d managed to haul in a a wild rabbit. Now according to custom she decided to eat it on the front porchwhich is fine by me although she’s the first animal I’ve ever known who insisted that she eat it in front of me and she would stop as soon as I walked away or shut the door.

Cats are a strange creature. I know I kind of felt a bit like part of the clan tonight. She insisted I take part in her feast even if that meant leaving the door open and watching her devour this evenings catch. It was a psychological bonding I think she views me as one of her kittens. She had 7, I guess she thinks she had 8.

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