Growing up as a boy and even till this day a quiet inspiration in many aspects of my life has been King David, easily the most storied castmember in the Old Testament of The Bible and actually the entire Bible. He’s the only David and the most mentioned of all characters in The Bible. David, was the name of my biological father, and David is my name. The name means Beloved. I believe that names chart a person’s life. I am beloved.

I find inspiration in the life of a crazy shepherd boy turned warrior who grew into the greatest King of a scrappy Nation who was always at war since the beginning of time. When I look through history I’ve never been able to find much inspiration in modern heroes. My greatest inspiration growing up was John Elway, Quarterback of the Denver Broncos. My reason for inspiration was that he played with passion and his heart. His passion and heart was what led him back from behind so many times in his career to become one of the greatest winners to ever set foot on the field.

A lot of times in life we are forced to come from behind, and rally deep within ourselves and find inspiration to keep pressing on. Many times in my own life I’ve had to come back from behind with enemies pressing around me. Mostly my own enemies inside. But time and time again I’ve rallied and had success when all thought I was down and out for the count.

Every man has his own journey. Every man his own path. At times it’s a lonely path. At times it’s a stressful path. At the end of the day we all walk alone. Life today is much different than the lives of thousands of years ago. Man has been neutered by modern careers, and modernism. Much of our life we spend neutering ourselves over and over again to fit into a society that demands we fit in. Many men end up being unhappy with career choices and life choices.

What if you stopped all that and quit being so damned afraid and lived with your heart for once. Would it hurt you? A few years ago I quit living with my heart for a time. Today I see the cost of that short blip of time. I’ve lost a number of people because I quit living with my heart.

How many things in your life would be different if you lived from your heart? If you layed everything out on the line every single damn day? What if you pushed all your chips onto the table and just gave it your all every single moment regardless of what society said?

I’m in this cool holding pattern. I’m in a place where I won’t be forever. Where I might not be in a month, where I definetly won’t be in a year, but I’m finding solace, peace, and a rekindling of spirit and more importantly of heart.

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  1. David, thank you for writing this. I can definitely relate.

    This is what I’m recovering from too–a time when I gave in to the urgings of others and stopped listening to my heart. It almost killed me. Now I know that for me following my heart is a life and death situation.

    I actually think it’s a life and death situation for all humans, whether they admit it or not. After all, what is anyone’s life without heart and passion and love and creativity?

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