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I’ve been in a 4 month struggle with SingleHop. I used to recommend them as a preferred supplier of dedicated hosting. Here’s my sordid tale and why I can no longer recommend them.

SingleHop did a piss poor job in Migrating my sites from a VPS to A Dedicated Box
Back in December I asked Midphase to move me from a VPS to a Dedicated Server at sister company SingleHop. I asked them via the phone on two occassions and ended up placing a CC order through Singlehop the sister company. Good thing I didn’t put that on my 0% Amex I was charged $75.00 dollars for the migration. Here’s when it all went wrong. The migration was a pain because IP addresses got mixed up in the move but a day later we got it all fixed. I had spent literally hours on the phone and in email correspondence with Tech Support and various managers and even the VP of Sales Drew Haslip. Drew promised me at that time that they would reimburse me for the $75.00 dollar migration, and provide me better quality service in the future. Ironically I never received that payment. Drew Hulbert dropped the ball and so did SingleHop.

Ironically 6 months later I noticed some strange billing on my credit card. I was getting billed twice by Autica the company that manages the billing I presume. I immediately shut that off and reported this to billing. They claimed that I didn’t follow procedures that were in their corporate guidelines and there was nothing they could do to help me. And that I would need to fill out a cancellation form at I never did this. I told them on the phone that I had specifically ordered the cancellation.

Here’s the one question no one has been able to answer
If I didn’t follow procedure then why didn’t I get new IP addresses on the VPS ? Instead the server sat to die with no new IP addresses, or atleast the customer was never informed of them.

Billing escalated this to a manager who said again This was my fault. That I didn’t follow corporate guidelines as laid out in the SingleHop license and there was nothing they could do to help me. Finally I started to ignore them after I told them what I was willing to do. Pay for the dedicated hosting and get my money back for being billed for a service I didn’t use and specifically asked to be canceled.

Ironically I brought Midphase and SingleHop thousands of dollars of customers actually so far somewhere around 10k worth of new customers in 2007 through their affiliate program.

So I started negotiating again with the VP of SingleHop who again said there was nothing he could do. But after sending me a threatening letter saying they were going to report me to collections for both the VPS and the dedicated server if I didn’t respond within 24 Hours.

I went ahead and told him the following. I would report SingleHop and Midphase to the Better Business Bureau and to the Illinois Dept of Consumer Protections. He laffed and said there was no need to be hostile. I simply pointed out that he was the one being hostile. Ignoring a legitimate billing and credit card security concern. He continually stated that I was wrong and had violated the SLA and sent me a link. However no one in their techical support department or customer service or billing had ever referred me to this documentation they merely said “Sure thing, Mr. Krug”.

He told me he’d waive all fees if I didn’t make a blog post about this, and I didn’t report them, and I came back as a customer with a new server. I asked him if my moral integrity on these issues was purchaseable. He never responded. Ironically he said I was getting email correspondence that I wasn’t responding to, but they had the main email account setup to one that wasn’t even functioning. The one on their servers. How amazing. This is my story. There have been plenty of others. I do realize these could be one sided stories. I accept that and encourage you to listen to some of the positive stories about SingleHop.

1. MidPhase blows goats (SingleHop is an affiliate of Midphase)
2. Don’t use AN Hosting (AN is an affiliate of Midphase)
3. Midphase Sucks
4. Another interesting MidPhase billing issue
5. Another Midphase Billing Issue
6. Wow, this guy finally got paid.

What’s Next
I will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau
I will quit recommending customers to MidPhase, saddly enough this is a nice chunk of income sacrifice. I really think MidPhase a good company at heart, and I’ve enjoyed my interaction with them but when a subsidiary drops the ball like this it can really sour a relationship. I do recommend folks try MidPhase its a better alternative than most. But the dedicated serving division SingleHop is a mess.
I will file a complaint with the Illinois Division of Consumer Protections

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