Well, Montana is in a pickle right now. Western Montana is in a big big pickle especially. The fires continue to blaze like hell has descended upon it like none other. One of my favorite lakes Placid Lake went up in flames this weekend. And I’m physically having issues breathing. The ash is descending on houses around me and well I’m now officially shut my doors, my windows, and just bunkering in for a few days till my planned exit on Saturday. I’m estimating within a 50 mile range we have about 50,000 acres burning right now. And the SawMill Complex fires is just getting uglier and uglier. Likewise it’s been windy which actually only helps to pick up the fires more and our humidity dropped significantly the last few days. I just found ut the Jocko Lakes fire which includes the Placid,Seeley Lakes region is the nations number one fire priority now that some houses have been burned. Yuck.

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