I first stumbled onto The Apple Gazette about 5 months ago. I think I was perusing the Bloggy Network’s blogs and I was really interested in finding out more about Macs. I had just started using a Mac and at the time was really trying to absorb anything and everything I could about Macs. This blog was a godsend. I’ve been an avid reader ever since and I’ve since downloaded plenty of apps they have shared and I really enjoy the news over there.

The Apple Gazette is produced by the Bloggy Network and anchored by Michael Murphey. Definetly check it out if you get a chance and if you are as much an Apple Evangelist as I am its a great read, or if you are flirting with the idea of getting a Mac it’s also a great pickup for your feedreader.

Disclosure: This is an EasySmith Review, a community of bloggers who band together to discuss blogging and the like. This review is not paid,reciprocal, or commercial in nature. It’s part of a community effort to share good content to all of mankind.

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