A recent news story in Cincinnati has me a bit torn up about the American society. It’s a rapidly decaying mass of selfishness that really is only getting worse as we go along.

A homeless panhandler was shot over 25 F*ing cents.

He took a bullet over 25 cents.

Donald Francis, who police believe was homeless, stood outside the Marathon station at Eighth and Linn streets late Monday night, asking people for money.

That annoyed Geraldine Beasley so much, Chief Tom Streicher said, that she shot and killed Francis when he approached her,

“He asked her for a quarter,” the chief said Tuesday.

Beasley, 62, of Walnut Hills, complained to someone else at the scene about the panhandling, Streicher said. Then, he said, when Francis asked her for money, she pulled out a gun and fired.

“That’s apparently all there was to it,” the chief said.

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