I was browsing CopyBlogger and they were pointed me to Doc Searls post on life beyond advertising. And while his article talks more about technology than what I’ve been pondering on. It’s a key place that I’ve been for awhile. I’ve helped build a few blog networks and one of our huge hurdles was advertising dollars. However if we had a decent product and worked on one site as much as we did on developing content we would have done a lot better. Now we did pretty damn well in the short time we were together but we would have had a lot more potential had we had some killer products. So I’ve spent a better part of a half a year developing products, and product partners and now its getting closer to go time to launch a new company centered around some great products and really take this to the next level.

I’m just getting excited 🙂

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  1. Aha! This is what I was thinking, and those products are definitely worth getting excited about. Who doesn’t go ga-ga over gorgeous cabinets and custom built home stuff?

    Maybe you should start a site called “Cabinet Porn” or something like that. Folks would drool and sigh, I’m tellin’ ya! 😉

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