Over the last few months I’ve been talking with my friend Sharon, from Streamline Solutions about using our growing web empires to bring change to the world. In our world today I believe many people have been sheltered from the realization that our world is a place that’s not always a pleasant place. To often we have our minds saturated in our own little world’s without realizing we are part of a bigger picture. One of my biggest web projects right now is selling high quality wood products online. I run a variety of web sites that sell wood products and we will be expanding into furniture,vinyl windows,and log homes before 2008.

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Montana Log Homes

One thing that is a huge passion for me in this industry is keeping our customers happy. I got into this industry because I’ve been around wood products since I was a boy. I remember walking into a shop in Montana when I was just a boy and I still remember the smell of cedar to this day. When I was in my late teens for a short time I was homeless, some by my own choice and largely not because of my own choice. Being able to give back and make a difference to end homelessness has been something I’ve struggled with a lot lately in discussions with friends. I mean I live in the wealthiest country in the world and yet as a nation we still struggle with homelessness. Some of the key issues are mental illness,poverty, and a lack of giving a shit by a lot of organizations. In fact many of the organizations that are there to help homeless are really there to help organizations and not really to help homeless.

Over the years I’ve really been impressed with Habitat for Humanity, I really believe they are an organization that has the homeless in mind before the organization. So here I am today in a situation where I run a newly minted company Gold Creek,LLC that sells wood products and the very first initiative I want to make clear that this company loves profits but just as much as we love profits we want to make this world a better place. And I think a great way to do that is by donating a percentage of our profits to Habitat for Humanity. So each quarter we will make a donation of 5% of our net profits to Habitat for Humanity and down the home stretch as we grow I believe this commitment will bless us and bless our business but more importantly I think it will help people. Long term I’d like to see us increase our giving to somewhere around 10% and diversify this to reach other charities but the secondary goal of our company is fulfilling a dream and that is that none in this country should be homeless and in our small way if we can make a difference by giving our time and money to Habitat for Humanity I think we will be all the better for it.

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  1. Absolutely amazing, David 🙂 Bravo.

    As web publishers we have an incredible amount of power and influence at our disposal, and I love the idea of harnessing all that power and turning it around so that we’re working to change, heal and transform the world.

    It makes me excited to wake up in the morning. It helps me see a grand vision for the future and all that we can accomplish and all that we can contribute. We will succeed. I’m so glad I have you to share this quest with 🙂 .

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