One of the things I enjoy about living and living fully is the realization that I am part of a bigger story. A story in which I am only a minor role player in the big scheme of things. There are those who have inspired me greatly both still in the living, and some who have gone on before and passed through to that which lies ahead. I want to take a moment to remember my heroes and the role they play in shaping my heart, my dreams, and my life.

1. Paul Barnes
Without you I’m not sure I would have ever started living with my heart, I would never have understanding or relationship with God and I’d probably be very very bitter. You debunked religion in life and lived with your heart. You are greatly missed. The work you did in this life was far greater than the work that so many of us will ever accomplish.

2. Papa Krug
Dad, without you I wouldn’t be a Krug and I’m proud to bear that name. Someday maybe in this life or that which lies ahead we can sit down and let our bygones be bygones. I’m inspired by your ridiculous passion to do that which you love for over 50 years overcoming all obstacles to go from being the son of a poor coal miner to being the man you have always been. Somehow you have passed onto me the ability to do what I love with an unnerving passion and desire.

3. James Mason
Always brave enough to always do what your heart leads you to do. Though we’ve drifted apart over the years someday I’m sure that drift will be patched and we will go fishing again for the waters call to us today just as in days of yesterday. You’ve always been an inspiration. Hope all is well with you.

The story continues. My heroes have always been everyday people. I hope every moment of the day somehow I can capture that magic and inspire others to greatness, and more importantly to live fully with a passion that will never cease, one that is braver than life and death and can conquer anything that I set my mind to.Remember You are someone’s hero to, another piece to the puzzle in this story that continues on as long as the universe exists.

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  1. Maggie North

    I remember your hero Paul Barnes well. He was the only daddy I ever had on this earth. He taught me to live with my heart as well. Paul will live forever, in me, my son, in the legacy of my life. He was a true hero…..

  2. David Krug

    Hey Maggie,
    Thanks for stopping by. Paul was a true hero if there ever was one. He still has a huge impact on me. When I remember Paul I remember a man who lived with his heart and at times that’s the inspiration that pulls me through some difficult times.

    Glad you stopped by. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Maggie

    All is well, would love to catch up some time. I love your site. Your very insightful and deep. How often do you come out of your head?? 🙂

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