Let me share a story. You have a business. It’s called Acme Automotive Marketing. The whole purpose of this business is to help market automotive parts to customers. You are generating leads for automotive parts companies and making a profit on it. Your business is gaining momentum and making some real progress and starting to become profitable. Your team around you supports you and supports what you are doing.

Your “Real World” Friends don’t get it. And instead they don’t understand what you do. You try to explain to them you sell autoparts but time and time again they don’t get it. Instead they rule you off as having a fake job, or not having a real business. When in fact you really do and you do a damn good job of what you do.

This happens to me a bit. Family doesn’t get, or acknowledge your ‘work’. Neither do friends. It becomes frustrating. It’s a blow to the side. And guess what there’s nothing you can do about it. Trying to explain to people what you do sometimes is more exhausting than just walking away and sticking to your guns and doing what you do best and that’s building websites.

Doing what you love, and doing it with passion has its down days sometimes. And that’s part of what we do and how we live. People in the “real world” don’t get it. But I wouldn’t trade one day of working for The Man for the life I have.

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  1. Happens to me all the time.

    Everyone seems to think that my job isn’t a “real” job because I talk to my boss over Instant Messenger, instead of in his office.

    They seem to think that since I’m working from home that I should be able to close up the laptop and do whatever they need done instead of actually sitting down and doing my job.

    It can be incredibly frustrating.

  2. David Krug

    It’s beyond frustrating I feel insulted each and everytime this happens to me. I had to go talk to one of my neighbors about this issue tonight. Luckily he understood.

  3. Oh yeah, it happens to me all the time, and you’re correct, it can be beyond annoying 🙂 .

    I don’t know of any way to change people’s views about having an internet business (believe me, I’ve tried!) , so what I’ve decided to do is just not let the folks who don’t get it bother me or take the wind outside of my sails.

    David, if I were you I would just let their comments roll off your back as best you can, and be understanding of them not understanding what you do. They probably don’t mean to be annoying–they just aren’t used to someone who has a home business 🙂 .

    It has also helped me to set up some boundaries around when I’m available and when I’m not available so that even though I’m working from home I can still work in peace without folks having free access to me all the time. They know I’m working, even though I’m at home.

    Sometimes I’ll say–“What if I walked into your cubicle at work at a random time during the day while you were trying to get an important project done, and I just started talking to you and acting like you were on an endless break? How would that make you feel?”

    That kind of helps them see that that’s what they’re doing to me, and that it’s inconsiderate. But really it’s my job to let them know that they’re being inconsiderate to me, because they have no way of knowing otherwise 🙂 .

    Also, I don’t do work that’s associated with my business (management, blogging, web developing stuff) for anyone other than a paying client. That means no friends or neighbors getting freebies 🙂 . This kind of helps them realize that my time is worth something, that other people do pay me for my time and skill, and that this is how I make my living.

    I’m realizing that clearing up some of this misunderstanding about having an internet or home business is just dependent on me having strong boundaries and standards around my business and educating those around me on how I want to be treated.

    You’re right though–it is frustrating to have people not understand what you’re doing for a living.

    You’re amazing at what you do, David. You have skills that no one on this planet has, and you have a business that is completely unique. You are at the tippy top of your field and skyrocketing upwards. This is something to be proud of, so try to focus on that and let the other stuff slide away. 🙂

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