The Rest of The YEAR

The grand month of September is nearly upon us. Clearly change is about to take place fall will descend out of nowhere and I will be shocked when 2008 descends so fast the universe has me spinning.

So I’ve set some cool goals for the rest of the year. Three simple goals.
1. Move up to page 1 of Google for one of my products.
2. Move 50%+ sites to a local web hosting company such asManaged Hosting Company
3. Hire one full time ‘content guru’ to run the content creation side of the business.

The rest of the year is about getting 08 Spring setup to be a massive production year all the while attempting to increase production and profitablity in our interior door business during the winter months. I see the growing need to supplement our production side of things with a strong leverageable base of content and social media interaction thus the need for a content guru specifically in
our log home division.

It’s been exciting to transition from a content based business to a product based business. And to then dip back into content as the need arises. I believe producing a real world product is far more enjoyable at this stage in the game although its a different monkey.

One thought on “The Rest of The YEAR

  1. Hey D–those are cool goals, and you’re totally on track to achieve them.

    I do like the idea of mixing content based products with real world products, and on top of that I like the idea of adding services into the mix as well. I don’t know–for me it gives the business more dimensions and opportunities for expansion to have various levels to the business (and I got this idea from you, of course 😉 ).

    It certainly helps to keep things interesting when we mix things up a bit.

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