In response to a conversation on another website a friend of mine made the following comment I’d thought I’d share.

Hey guys, I don’t know if I count but I think bloggers are a very special breed and you are fantastic….

You are on line publishers – in book world this is a very specialised field -yet YOU are doing it
You are marketing and branding — in business world this is highly paid and highly regarded work-yet YOU are doing it
You are copy writers — in advertsing that is a career on its own- yet YOU are doing it also
You are researchers — in journalism that is a seperate job -yet YOU are doing it together with all that other stuff
and I could go on for a lot longer…..

I think we normal mortals cannot get our head around it that one person has so many abilities.
You guys are too amazing for us to comprehend.
That is what I think.

The more I see what you all do, the more I gasp….
Don’t get angry, just smile and forgive our ignorance.
Remember that sentence on another very ancient blog “forgive the people, they don’t know what they are doing/saying.”

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  1. Yup, this is what I thought.

    EasySmith is the membership site that I can’t seem to get accepted to. I applied, but whoever is the administrator over there has blackballed me or something cuz I haven’t been accepted.

    (I’m thinking that that girl Joss Markham is probably the administrator, and you know she doesn’t want me in there.)

    You’re just rubbing salt in my wounds by posting this tidbit from EasySmith…


  2. Finally, recognition where recognition is due. More traditional journalists are making their rounds extracting snippets, concepts and data from bloggers than bloggers looking for traditional channels to fill them in, as it where.

    It’s nice to see a burgeoning new industry get such a strong foothold in just a few years time. Who knows, with the way social media and blogs are evolving (RSS on demand / Tivo Style) could very well replace search engines as we know them with topical communities interlinked.

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