The Princess

the nightfall

The footprints along the shore leave impressions of a lonely prince whose princess has yet to be found.
The waves crash in and wash away the memory of loneliness but it etches lines in the heart of the young prince.
Days pass like years, and months like ages. The sound of the waves echo songs of angels announcing the coming of the future and marking the end of the past. With each new day there is hope for the future and a better world. Each evening marks the end of the day and beginning of rest and solstice.

Each breath that I take mark the hope of you.
You are out there. The waves call out to me.
They say your name. They tell your story.
I fall asleep and you are there. I awake and you are here.

Yet when I walk along I am not alone. I see your footprints.
But the ocean makes them but a memory.
A memory of that which is to come. The hope fulfilled…

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