The sadness of sweatshops

Labour is a lot cheaper in Tijuana,Mexico than in the Unites States, so it is cheap and convenient for American companies to have their products made in Mexico. Not surprisingly, a lot of the factories that made these products were built near the US/Mexican border. These factories are known as “maquila” or “maquiladora”.

SWEATSHOP: (n) a place where people work very hard for very low pay.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed in 1994, the number of maquila has grown very fast and they are spreading to other parts of the country. Some maquila have only a few workers, others have more than a thousand. Some maquila are registered, but many more are “underground”. Some make Transformers T-Shirts, other’s make electronics. It’s whatever demand is.

Imagine living on 2 dollars an hour. I see them every day. I’m not sure how they dont starve to death. It’s hard to say no to people you want to help.

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