Afraid to Fail

So much of my life is driven by this desire not to fail. Sometimes the actions we have carry simple meanings or big meanings. And at times being an American living in Mexico a simple gesture of the hand can mean a far different thing. Sometimes my actions are arrogant and selfish. For this I am trying to do better. Humility is difficult at times.  It’s one thing to be yourself. It’s another to be disrespectful of human emotions. Cultural differences play a huge role in perceptions.

One thought on “Afraid to Fail

  1. Cento Angeli

    Baja, you are definitely in a situation that gives you unique insight into human relationships. Little things that you do in the culture that you’re in have significance. So often in America it seems like we expect everyone to cater to us. We could all probably benefit from living in a land where we are the outsiders who need to adapt to the native culture.

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