The Car Jacking and thoughts on life…

I just wanted a taco, was having to see a freaking car jacking neccesary? Oy, i mean seriously what a way to end the day. Luckily, the tacos were pretty good.

Has anyone you know ever irritated you to the point of exhaustion? Someone recently has irritated me, acted like my friend, and created enough jealousy that I’m just purely angry. Luckily I’m a big boy and can handle whatever is tossed my way. I just dont need all the drama This Week.

Oh well.

(Continued later)

I can’t sleep for about 37 reasons. All of them to complicated to share.  I am entirely frustrated with rascism at the moment. I guess it’s understandable. I don’t have an issue with rascism directed at me, so much as because of me. Because of it I just want to disappear sometimes and yet I can’t and I don’t really want to. My fear is enormous not because of anything,or anyone, but because I’m afraid of people getting hurt because of me. I worry that somehow I would make someone’s world less bright and not continue the brightness.  Here’s to hoping that doesnt happen.

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