Alone Again…

Sometimes embracing being alone is a lot easier than embracing something that will create pain and agony for other people. No matter what in the end the one person I have to live with, love, and cherish is myself. And while God did not create man to be alone, being alone is a lot better than watching others suffer. I realized today that attempting to force upon others the dreams of my youth is unfair and will only result in me getting hurt. So here I am alone waiting for the world to call, and for the calm to return.

One thought on “Alone Again…

  1. Cento Angeli

    I know it’s little consolation right now, but Baja, I really, really think that you will not always be alone. It feels like that now, but it’s not how it always will be. Just hold on each day, and each day you’ll get closer and closer to who you’re ultimately supposed to be with, and all of this will seem like a distant memory.


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