The Holidays

What’s Interesting about the holidays is that it gives me time to evaluate friendships. Ok, this is going to sound harsh and judgemental and it is. That’s why it’s a private blog. I’m sitting here on the beach the sun is setting out on the horizons and I was counting the emails, or facebook notes,myspace mails or whatever I’d gotten from folks in the last 3-4 days and you know what I sent out close 1k notes almost of them went unnoticed. Of the respondents all of them were Women.

1. Ex Girlfriend
2. Ex Roommate
3. Ex Coworker
4. Good Friend

I had a client I help make 100+k dollars this year and still no thank you note,or holiday note from that A – Lister and you know what this is why most of last half of 2007 sitting out of the ‘game’ in the blogosphere because people just like this ruined my appetite for it. Agh. So let’s go back to this list. Of the four people on the list I’ve felt geniune love of varying kinds and levels over the year(s) and their simple holidays notes only reaffirmed what I thought in my heart when I first met them. These four are winners. A few of my buddies get hall passes for being men and not understanding the dynamics of natural human relationship the rest of folks will be finding me unable or too busy to work with them in 08 suddenly I’ve decided to nurture relationships that are healthy even if that hits my own personal pocketbook. If I have another Christmas like this next year I’m going to throw myself into the ocean with a cinder block around my feet. I have to take my own responsiblity for putting far to much energy into folks that don’t reciprocate back the relational value that I’ve invested.

Anyhow for anyone reading this. Merry Christmas! And remember Christmas is not about anything but a little child being born in a little town with not a bed to lay his head on.

2 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. Cento Angeli

    Am I one of the people who responded? I hope so. It’s hard to tell cuz we always send each other notes and we always respond to each other. So, I’m not sure if my responses count 😉 , but I hope so!

    I think that’s a great idea about nurturing the relationships that nurture you–this is what I feel myself being drawn more and more to, and I think it’s healthy for both of us. You’re right about guys tho–sometimes expressing support and feelings is not something they do (thank God for women, right? 😉 )

    Baja, I want to hear how tomorrow goes–not that I have any power over these things or anything, but I’ve been asking God to make this Christmas your most special ever. I have no idea how that will come about or what it will entail, but I would like to find out if perhaps this wish came true.

    Merry Christmas, dear 🙂


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