The End of Christmas Bitterness

For 26 years I’ve always been left with an ill feeling in my mouth regarding Christmas. Albeit the least of perfect Christmas’ it was filled with excitement and drama, tears and pain, caring and sharing but a geniune feeling of warmth, love, and tenderness by 5-6 people who generally had my well being and happiness in mind and I only had to see a dead tree for a matter of 45 minutes. Genius!

Someone recently prayed I would be put in a situation I swear that mirrored this very one. I had nothing to offer anyone on Christmas but my own heartfelt emotions and those do not run very deep. I envisioned a lonely quiet Christmas but I was so busy all day I was not able to even watch half of a basketball game or catch a nap. I was on the go from morning till night I walked all over the place (my feet are sore) ~ I ate some terrific food, and was at the hospital twice and in the end I learned more about the deepest needs of humanity that at the base of all of us what we really need is love and to not be afraid to do the right thing even when logic says we shouldnt. Today all throughout the day I felt love, I felt needed, I felt accepted, and welcome and to be honest I haven’t felt that way in a long time regardless of the what the future holds, I can remember today as a day of peace, and a sense that the bitterness of Christmas past were wiped out by an innocent child named Joshua.

One thought on “The End of Christmas Bitterness

  1. Cento Angeli

    Hospital twice? You’ll have to tell me what happened. I hope it wasn’t you that needed medical attention twice yesterday! This is an interesting post–I have a few more questions that I’ll ask you later, but right now I’ll say…

    Your Christmas sounds absolutely lovely 🙂 and so much more full of warmth, giving, delight, and than a lot of folks’ Christmas’s. You deserve all of the joy and blessings that you unwrapped yesterday. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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