The Dentist and other thoughts on life…

After all this suffering I’ve given in, to going to the dentist. I became even more confused with “Iv” tonight as we had a great time went to the arcade, she played dance dance revolution and I played street fighter dont ask I swear by the end of that I wanted to go do anything else but we were merely waiting for a prescription to be filled and it was actually my idea.

I am attempting to swamp my way out of more relational garbage and realizing how amazing it is to be single and then all of a sudden wishing I was in one relationship, another I don’t want to be in, and another that happened by accident. I suppose all this is good and I really just needed to quit being so bored and get some positive social interaction. Or even worse maybe it all happened for a reason. Agh, let’s hope not.

Wish me luck I hate dentists.

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