Jaded by reality, no more.

I’ve slowly started peeling away my jadedness. I really am happy the last few days. I hope this isnt a manic rise but is something that can really increase and continue down the stretch. I have a lot of worries and concerns more personal than work related. Lots of friends I’m concerned about. I’m slowly sorting out friends here and I’m pretty content with life as I’m structuring it. I’m developing my own ideal ‘way of life’ that suits me and how I like to operate. Largely it’s centered around me attempting to make people’s life happier while meeting my own personal needs. Attempting to weed out my connected time to 8 hours of productive work time instead of 16 hours of loosely productive time. I think this is really important to developing flourishing relationships in 2008 and meeting the goals I really want to meet, one of which is a hand picked partner in a seo business in baja california, as well as various other partnerships in my online ventures.

One thought on “Jaded by reality, no more.

  1. Cento Angeli

    Hey Baja,

    Well I’m glad to hear you don’t feel jaded any more :-). For me it goes in phases, but lately the jaded phases have been getting shorter and shorter.

    I like your idea of re-structuring your business to have more free time–I would like to do that too. I too tend to fall into routines of spending 16 hours online and not really accomplishing anywhere near 16 hours of work. I think I may start trying to do this 4 hour work day that I read about somewhere.

    Anyhoo, here’s to wonderful partnerships and friendships in 2008 🙂

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