Every Day A New Day…

I awoke this morning just like yesterday morning. It was a new day. This year taught me an awful lot about my ownself. My own heart and my own desires. I no longer felt like a boy trapped by fears from long ago. By the end of the year I stand here a man, freed to run the race that is before me. I feel liberated by hope, a hope I want to share. I feel encouraged by peace, a peace I want to give away. I feel as though I’ve humped a battle in the forenoon and I’ve rested in the eve, and the victory is mine in the night. Not by own might, nor by own strength but because of friends,comrades, and even enemies. I stand not alone in a battlefield of giants but I stand united in a field of dreams. Dreams I want to share with each and everyone of you.

I want to dream bigger this year. I want to hope more. I want to breath deeper. I want spread enthusiasm to more people. I want to make more money so that I can give it those in need. I want to be a better man than I was last year. I don’t want to be afraid of failing I want to fail and get up again. I don’t want to hesitate living life because of pain. I want to experience pain in light of the joys of life. I want to have deeper relationships, I want to feel each and everyone of your hurts and be your warrior in the battle. I want to cry for you in the evening when I am alone. I want to laugh with you after the victories. I want to share in your follies. I want to stand atop the mountain when you’ve reached the goals of your life. I want to partake of your feasts and swim in your streams. I want to rest alongside you. I want to be the man I ought to be. I want to seize my destiny with all that is within me. But more than all of this I want to be me. And I want you to be you and I want to love for this is all their is to life to live and to love with all our hearts, our minds, and our strengths.

Here’s to a New Year, a New Life, and New Dreams.

One thought on “Every Day A New Day…

  1. Cento Angeli

    Thank you, Baja. Really beautifully said. I echo what you said of 2007–I have changed considerably too. And I also am with you on your dreams for 2008. I think that this is the year we each learn that we can fly without wings.

    I don’t know why I am so sure of this–maybe it’s because of the incredible hope and peace I found by the end of 2007. Last year was a prepping ground for the miracles that are yet to come. May you experience a new miracle each day of your life.

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