Sometimes when you lay your heart out there you get hurt. For some reason it’s a pattern with me. With friends, with lovers, with family. I tell you though I’m really tired of it all. Tired of opening my heart to get it hurt. Tired of unintentionally hurting others. I’m tired of relational letdowns. Faced with an ever thick cloud of loneliness I wait for the peace that normally comes when I’m this tired. To put energy innto relationships to only get confusion in return. I’ve done all to much the last few years and I dont get it. I’m convinced it’s time for a break of new relationships and just head off into contentent with what I have and who I am.

For now only peace is here but I’m hoping I havent buried the emotions somewhere for a rainy day cuz I’m in no mood.

One thought on “Run

  1. Cento Angeli

    Awww, sorry Baja. I hate that you got hurt. You always seem so brave and willing to put yourself out there, and I admire you for that. It’s one of your best qualities. 🙂

    You will unintentionally hurt others, and they will do the same to you, but sometimes working through that can add to the strength of the relationship. I think it has with us, and I hope you never feel like it’s a let down and like breaking things off because this stuff happens. It’s just the way life is, and it’s not perfect but its all we humans have.

    You are an amazing, wonderful person, and there are gifts that were specially made for you before you were even born that are on their way to you. Just be patient, your time is coming. And one day you’ll look back and not even be able to remember this time when you were hurt and lonely. It all works out in the end, trust me on this. Just be patient, and remember how special and loved you are.


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