Looking back on mentors

I had a moment last night to look back on my mentors and I have an assortment. I wish my father had a bigger influence on my life. But many things he did influence and I cherish every single moment we spent together.

“B”, a British American Actor, a distant royal who taught me a lot about the finer things in life and really helped me believe in my greatness. I spent 3 years living with a guy whose won an academy award and done things most people would never dream of. I owe a lot of my unselfish attributes to him.

“B2”, a scientist and genius. He’s taught me a lot about the human heart and not giving up on dreams.

“GDawg”, a spiritual Moses whose bravery will shape future generations. I really look up to this guy as a guy whose not afraid of much in this world for him I have a lot of thanks to offer up. His bravery and resiliency he’s passed on to me.

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