The Calm

I’ve been dealing with some private drama the last few days that I havent shared with anyone. Not even close friends. It involves a random act of misery,hatred, and a failed system that makes me weep. For the last 3 days I’ve been trying to help a stranger, and no matter how hard I try I’m not going to be able to help anymore. I’m not the right person for the task. It makes me sad because they probably won’t get help. They can barely see the reality around them and it makes me sad,angry, and in the end they’ve probably hurt me 1000% more than they intended when all I’ve tried to offer is a loving spirit,a roof over their head, a warm meal, and communications tools to get the help they really need. I guess that’s what love is all about offering help and instead being insulted at every turn. Although today I got a simple thank you that made me realize all the other hurtful words are just reactions to a society that has ruined another life.

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